Smart urban management algorithm inside machine

Smart urban management ecological algorithm is a soft and hard integrated ecological product jointly launched by computer energy and ecological partners, focusing on intelligent video analysis needs in smart urban management construction, using BM1684 strong deep learning processor, built-in special deep learning algorithm required for urban governance scenarios, effectively improve the intelligent level of urban governance, one-click deployment, effective in time. To provide customers with the most competitive intelligent solutions.

SE5 10-AA1-41
Scene Specific Algorithm

Rich algorithms, support 40 kinds of urban governance scene intelligent analysis, covering street order, city appearance environment, street advertising, emergencies, construction management, etc., on-demand call, free combination

Flexible Deployment

Free placement in various environments, the fastest deployment can be completed in 5 minutes , support RTSP standard protocol, can benefit from old cameras to achieve deep learning upgrade

Rich In Function

Device management, task configuration, algorithm management, real-time warning, and event viewing. Video analysis platform optional, supporting private deployment. Support for connecting to third-party service platforms.

Computational Power Surging

Single-channel computing power >1.5TOPS INT8. A camera supports a maximum of 5 algorithms in any combination.

Deployment Mode

deploy-img deploy-img

Application Scenarios


Farmer's Market

UMC Workstation

UMC Drone

Smart Light Pole

UMC Command Center


Farmer's Market

UMC Workstation

UMC Drone

Smart Light Pole

UMC Command Center

Typical Case

Heping District of Shenyang Intelligent Management Project
In response to the challenges of urban governance, Heping District of Shenyang built a smart city comprehensive management platform through the Intelligent Management Project to promote the modernization of governance system. The smart urban management ecological algorithm integrated machine has become an important support, forming a large urban management system of "one center, N disposal platforms, and five levels of penetration", providing intelligent analysis for street order, city appearance environment, and emergencies in urban management patrol, command center, drone and other scenes. This technological innovation enables city management to change from "visible" to "perceptible and known", and the integrated smart urban management ecological algorithm has promoted the modernization of the urban governance system and governance capacity in the Heping District, realized information intelligence and scientific decision-making, and effectively responded to the challenges brought by urban development. The successful entry of the project into the "National Municipal Society Governance Innovation Excellent Case (2020)" is an endorsement of the results and value of the project. Through this successful case, the Peace District shows its determination to modernize urban governance, and at the same time provides useful experience for other regions.
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Product Specification



Main control processor:8 Cores ARM A53 @2.3GHz

Peak computing power:17.6 TOPS(INT8)/2.2TFLOPS(FP32)

Operating system

Linux system

Video decoding type

H.264 & H.265

Data acquisition equipment

The device must support the RTSP standard

Intelligent parameter

Video parsing

Supports 10 channels 1080p HD video intelligent analysis

Smart urban management algorithm

Street order

Illegal umbrella, Tour vendors, Shop operation, Non-motor vehicle parking, Motor vehicle parking, Shared bicycle parking, Road occupation, Illegal billboard

City appearance and environment

Blocked passageway, Drying along street, Exposed garbage, Packing garbage, Overflowing garbage, Damaged road, Floating river, Missing manhole cover, Dog identification


Road water, Abnormal fire point, Smoke monitoring, Channel blockage, Personnel sleeping on the post, Personnel leaving the post, The number of people exceeding the limit, Personnel gathering, Personnel illegal stay

Construction management

Area invasion, Entering area, Leaving area, Restriction of large trucks, Waste truck detection, Waste truck cover

Other algorithms

People flow statistics, Vehicle crossing the line count, People crossing the line count, Illegal smoking, Illegal use of mobile phones, Not wearing masks, Electric vehicles not wearing helmets, Garbage trucks

Software function

Abnormal alarm

When an exception occurs, both the alarm and message are recorded

Event management

Abnormal events can be uploaded or saved to a specified location, flexible retention time, and provide access to the function


Standard configuration

12GB LPDDR4x 128bit 64GB/s


Standard configuration



Network interface

10/100/1000Mbps self-adaptation*2

External interface

Support USB / HDMI / SATA / RS-232 / RS-485 / TF,LTE selectable

Power interface


Operating temperature

Temperature range

-20°C ~ 60°C

Power dissipation

Typical value


Structural dimension

Length * width * height

188 * 148 * 44.5 (mm)

Class of protection

Passive cooling IP30