Smart Car
Development Board
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Pioneer Board

Milk-V Pioneer is a developer motherboard based on SOPHON SG2042 in a standard mATX form factor. With PC-like interfaces and PC industrial compability, Pioneer provides native RISC-V development environment and RISC-V desktop experience. It is the first choice for RISC-V developers and hardware pioneers to experience the cutting edge technology of RISC-V. Embrace RISC-V, embrace the future.

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Shaolin Pi

The Shaolin Pi Development Board SLKY01 is a development platform with approximately 20 TOPS computational power based on BM1684. It uses BM1684 as the core device and the core processor is fully autonomously controllable, providing powerful computation and multi-channel video encoding/decoding capabilities. It supports 3 mini-PCIe slots and 4 USB ports. It can be expanded with various peripheral modules. The optimal configuration, cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and feature selection can be achieved

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Huashan Pi

The Huashan Pi is a functional evaluation board for the CV1812H multimedia processing processor, providing a wide range of users with an open-source development environment based on RISC-V, with a focus on visual and Deep learning scenario development. It can be used to develop the powerful peripheral interfaces of the CV1812H, and also provides a hardware reference design based on the CV1812H, enabling customers to quickly complete their product hardware design based on the development board circuit

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KT001 Smart Car

KT001 smart car uses the BM1684 processor as the core of the upper computer, runs on the Ubuntu operating system based on Linux, and utilizes the ROS robot operating system as the control center of the open-source intelligent hardware. The construction of this smart car involves Python and C++ programming, OpenCV computer vision, SLAM localization and mapping, Yolov5 visual deep learning, and other fields.