Pluto64 is a high-performance edge computing device for intelligent communities, construction sites, parks and other scenarios. It has 105.6TOPS INT8 computing power and can access up to 64 channels of 2-million-pixel cameras. It supports national standard streaming video transmission, local storage, rich peripheral interfaces and the functions of WiFi6 and IoT gateway.
It supports 5G wireless transmission and wide operating temperature range.

Specification and Characteristic

Product Model
Application Scenarios

Intelligent community,  construction site and park

Deep Learning Processor
Deep Learning Performance
105.6T INT8 performance(Winograd ON), and 6.6T FP32 performance;Support up to 64 channels of 2 million cameras or 16 channels of 8 million cameras
Video Decoding Capability
3 * 1080P@960fps. Maximum resolution 8192X8192, support 4K
One mSATA3.0 SSD+one mSATA3.0 HDD&SSD(optional),each port support 500GB/1TB/2TB/3TB/4TB/5TB/6TB/8TB drive
Network Interface
3 * RJ45 10M/100M/1000M, self-adaptive Ethernet port (optional)
USB Interface
8 * USB
Display Interface
1 * VGA,1 * HDMI
Wireless Network
1 * wireless interface,5G,Support all Netcom. 1 * WIFI 6 (optional). 1 * Lora IoT gateway
Other Interface
Support smoke detector, DTU, water meter, electricity meter
Input Voltage
281mm X 132mm X 210mm,7.5KG
Other Parameters

1 * HDMI, 1 * VGA, 1 * mSATA, 1 * WiFi, 1 * 5G

Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Operating System
Embedded Linux

Partner Introduction

Shanghai Liu Zi Technology Official Website

   Shanghai Liu Zi Technology was founded in 2014. Its headquarters is based in Lin-gang and has established front-end technical support centers in Shenzhen and Suzhou. The company has gathered technical experts and professional development teams in the industry. Among them, more than 70% of the employees have obtained master's degrees, with an average working life of more than 10 years. It has established joint laboratories with Shanghai University and Xidian University. The company has deep learning, big data, edge computing, digital twin and other self-developed core technologies, products and experience, providing the industry with digital solutions based on product life cycle management.

   The company adheres to the concept of creating value to solve problems: helping colleagues, enterprises and customers to solve problems. Keep the original intention, stick to integrity and be passionate, cooperative and practical.

   The company adopts 1+1+1+x technology architecture, that is, 1 engine (Cloud Computing) + 1 edge computing (edge) + 1 intelligent terminal (end) + X application scenarios (shapes); We aim to become a leader in digital industrialization and industrial digital solutions, reaching four "1": Digital twin enabled intelligent manufacturing, providing virtual manufacturing services for 100 factories; Digital twin enables intelligent construction, providing safety and quality management services for 1,000 construction sites; Digital twin enables intelligent cities to provide analog city services for 100 million people; Digital twin enables equipment operation and maintenance, providing full-life cycle management services for 1 billion terminal equipment.