SOPHON Certificates Outline

SOPHON Academy designs distinct certification exams tailored for different product categories, user growth phases, and ecosystem roles. We're committed to providing a leading talent development system and certification standards, nurturing talent for the digital era, and building a talent ecosystem for SOPHON. For Developers: Prove your expertise in specific technical domains, showcasing your ability to solve real-world problems using SOPHON products. Gain enhanced employment opportunities within the SOPHON ecosystem. For Companies: Enhance your company's technical capabilities by nurturing and discovering professional talent through SOPHON certification programs.

Developer Certificates
  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
    1. O&M
      Junior IT Operations Engineer
  • Certificates Rights
    Rights Developer Certificates
    Official Certification Certificate
    Priority Rights to Discounts on SOPHON Products
    Priority Rights to Experience SOPHON's New Products
    Priority Rights to Guest Seats at SOPHON's Annual Conference
    Priority Rights to Become an Instructor at SOPHON Academy
    Priority Rights to Become an Expert on the SOPHON Hackthon Committee
    Learning Resources
    SOPHON Academy Online Learning
    For technical questions, visit the SOPHON Developers Forum.