Company Information
SOPHGO is committed to becoming the world's leading customized computing power provider, focusing on the development and promotion of RISC-V, TPU processor and other computing power products. SOPHGO follows the ecological concept of full open source and joins hands with industry partners to promote RISC-V high-performance general computing industry landing; creates a full-scene product matrix covering "cloud, edge, and terminal", and provides computing products and overall solutions for multiple scenarios such as data centers, AIGC, urban operations, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent terminals. SOPHGO has R&D centers in more than 10 domestic cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Xiamen, and the United States, Singapore and other countries. Since 2016, its brand SOPHON series products have completed several iterations, and each generation of products has achieved multiple levels of energy consumption compared with the previous generation of products.
Intelligent computing empowers the future
Become the world's leading provider of customized computing power
Development History
Release of SG2042
Release of BM1688 and CV186 series
Release of BM1684X, CV181 series and CV180 series
CVITEK merged into SOPHGO. SOPHGO completed A+ round of financing
Release of CV182 series SOPHON merged into SOPHGO.
SOPHGO completed A round of financing
Establishment of SOPHGO
Release of BM1684 and CV183 series
Launch of CVITEK brand
Release of BM1682 and BM1880
Launch of SOPHON brand
Application driven and computing products oriented
With the explosive growth of data and computing demand, computing applications in different fields urgently need matching super performance and low energy consumption infrastructure support. SOPHGO's technical team creates a matrix of intelligent computing products on demand. Through the optimal design of core components such as hardware, acceleration library and node communication, it meets the computing needs of various bubbling specific fields such as deep learning, cloud computing, big data and short video, and provides services for intelligent video, intelligent security, intelligent transportation, intelligent power, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent oil and gas, intelligent semantics Intelligent recommendation, urban brain and other scenarios are widely enabled.
Open computing ecology and enable digital economy
SOPHGO focuses on RISC-V high-performance core industries, provides high-performance servers and overall cloud service solutions, and works closely with partner manufacturers in operating systems, applications, algorithms, compilers and product hardware to build an open RISC-V high-performance computing ecosystem and enable the development of digital economy.
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Gather first-class talents and establish leading enterprises
SOPHGO has R&D centers in over 10 cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, and Xiamen. We also have a presence in the United States and Singapore. SOPHGO has attracted a large pool of professional technical talents in fields such as processors, algorithms, TPU, and RISC-V. Our R&D team comprises over 76% of our workforce, with more than 71% holding master's or doctorate degrees. At SOPHGO, youwill have the opportunity to swim in the technology ocean of advanced computing architecture. You can collide ideas with the world's top talents, and you will feel an open, inclusive, creative and dynamic working atmosphere.
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Building 6, Yard 9, FengHao East Road, Haidian District, Beijing